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Memories of 66

On 9 June the World Cup kicks off and with memories of 1966 coming back we decided to give you all the chance to win a year's supply of Ultra Shave as it lasts for 66 shaves and that sort of tied in with thinking of 1966 when it was won by England at Wembley.

So, 66 comfortable shaves from one Ultra Shave and we're giving you the chance to win a whole year's supply (that's 6) just for naming the top scorer of the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

It's easy to enter - just choose the player you think'll be the top scorer or pick your own. We've even put a little form guide below for you to study on the World Cups played since 1966.

You'll see that six is the total of goals scored by the top scorer quite often and that the host nation also win their fair share of World Cups - but hopefully not this year!

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2002 World Cup Winners - Brazil

Top scorer of the 2002 World Cup was Brazil's Ronaldo with eight goals. Brazil won the World Cup co-hosted in South Korea and Japan for an unprecedented fifth time. From 32 teams who participated in the tournament the final was won with Brazil beating Germany 2-0.

David Seaman - he shaves!

1998 World Cup Winners - France

Held in France - and won by France - the sixteenth World Cup was the largest ever to date. France beat off the defending champions Brazil in the final with a 3-0 victory bringing great joy to their home fans. It was almost compulsory that they would succeed in the competition. Top scorer was Croatia's Davor Suker with six goals.

1994 World Cup Winners - Brazil

The first World Cup to be hosted in the United States and Brazil came away with yet another victory. Seen as an exceptional World Cup Brazil beat Italy in the final after a goal-less draw forced the match to end disappointingly with penalties being taken.

The hosts bowed out gracefully to Brazil in the second round, as the eventual winners were easily the best team throughout the tournament. Joint top scorers of 1994's World Cup were Hristo Stoichkov of Bulgaria and Russia's Oleg Salenko with each scoring six goals.

1990 World Cup Winners - West Germany

Maradona shows the ref his hand of God!

Looked down upon because of too many matches decided by penalty kicks, the 1990 World Cup was held in Italy. Ten of the 12 stadiums were recreated for the matches so that the event could be at its best.

Despite the top goal scoring being from the host city, it was West Germany that claimed the title over Argentina, (who had knocked out Brazil) 1-0. Both semi-finals were decided on penalties.

Salvatore Schillaci, or 'Toto' in his native Italy, his home country, scored six goals and was the 1990 World Cup's top goal scorer.

1986 World Cup Winners - Argentina

Maradona holds the World Cup in his  God-like hands!

Wining the tournament for the second time in three tries, the Argentina team, led by Diego Maradona, captured the title with a victory over West Germany, 3-2. This was the year that Maradona scored with "the hand of God".

Columbia, who had been awarded the job of hosting the World Cup, announced in 1983 that The tournament was originally to be awarded to Columbia, but in 1983 stated that they could not afford to stage it!

So Mexico became the first country to be awarded the chance to host two tournaments. It was thought at one point that Mexico would also not be able to host after a earthquake claiming 20,000 lives struck eight months before. Top scorer was Gary Lineker of England with six goals.

1982 World Cup Winners - Italy

Hosted by Spain it was Italy who came away with their third World Cup - to match Brazil, after surviving the opening round on goal difference - just! Italy knocked out both Argentina and Brazil.

Italy went right through Brazil as Paolo Rossi led the Italian attack with a hat-trick beating Brazil 3-2. Italy defeated West Germany in the final 3-1. Rossi finished the tournament with six goals and was the top scorer.

1978 World Cup Winners - Argentina

Since reaching the final in 1930 Argentina had never had a better outcome. Hosting and winning the World Cup they rallied from a poor performance against Italy in the opening round and defeated the Netherlands in the final 3-1.

Boasting the top goal scorer of the tournament - Mario Kempes, scoring six - Argentina managed to keep their play consistent throughout the tournament and capture the title for their home fans.

1974 World Cup Winners - West Germany

A new solid gold Jules Rimet statuette, known as the "FIFA World Cup" sculpted by Silvio Gazzaniga who also designed the first trophy, was competed for by 16 nations. This was also the first World Cup watched on colour television and saw West Germany victorious.

Spain, France, Hungary and England, surprisingly, did not qualify for the World Cup whilst East Germany, Haiti, Australia and Zaire all played in their first tournament. Top scorer was Grzegorz Lato of Poland with seven goals.

1970 World Cup Winners - Brazil

Pele and Bobby Moore embrace after the 1970 Brazil v England match

Top scorer was Gerd Müller, "Der Bomber", of West Germany, with 10 goals. Host country was Mexico and this was the first tournament in 20 years to have no players sent off.

This was the first World Cup to allow substitutions during a match and introduced yellow and red cards during play. Brazil's defeat of Italy in the final by four goals to one saw them take home the Jules Rimet trophy for keeps.

Italy's semi-final against West Germany was the first match in World Cup history to see five goals scored in extra-time.

The greatest save ever made (many consider) by Gordon Banks was made during the game between England and Brazil in the first round at Guadalajara.

As Gordon Banks got to his feet he was patted on the back by Pelé. There followed a short exchange that Banks remembers like this

Pelé "I thought that was a goal."
Banks "You and me both."
Bobby Moore "You're getting old, Banksy. You used to hold on to them."
Banks (to himself) "Like hell I did."

Gordon Banks - he shaves!

1966 World Cup Winners - England

Top scorer of the tournament was Eusebio, of Benfica, with nine goals for Portugal. It was England's greatest moment at Wembley Stadium, winning the Jules Rimet trophy against West Germany 4-2 thanks in part to a Geoff Hurst hat-trick.

Alf Ramsey had stated that his England team would win the World Cup and he was proved right on an afternoon of sunshine and showers at Wembley Stadium. England won the match against West Germany 4-2 after extra time.

The shock of conceding an early goal saw England get on with the game and Geoff Hurst head an equaliser from captain Bobby Moore's free kick before Martin Peters gave England a lead that they held until the final minute.

Alf Ramsey's team "won it again" in extra time as Hurst went on to complete the first World Cup Final hat-trick. Brazil were also on a hat-trick (to win the World Cup) but Pelé was beset with injury problems.

The Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen from its display in London but was recovered by a dog named Pickles under a South London front garden bush.

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Ultra Shave 'Memories of 66' Competition

Competition Rules

  1. Entry to the competition is restricted to one entry per household.
  2. Entry ends on the first whistle being blown.
  3. Winners must make contact to claim their prize within seven days of the final whistle being blown.
  4. Automated entries or third party entries are not permitted.
  5. Prizes can only be sent to a valid postal address.
  6. This promotion is open to UK residents only.
  7. The judges decision is final and no correspondence can be entered into.
  8. Competition ends on final whistle being blown.
  9. Modern Gent is compliant with the Data Protection Act. Our policy is such that we will not pass on your details to any third party without your prior consent.

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