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In Stock £9.99 BUY NOW Flame Bookmark
In Stock £9.99 BUY NOW Grenade Bookmark
In Stock £9.99 BUY NOW Chopsticks Bookmark
In Stock £9.99 BUY NOW Pears Bookmark
In Stock £9.99 BUY NOW Boots Bookmark
Helicopter, Boots, Ducks, Flame, Grenade, Monkeys, Chopsticks and Pears bookmarks

Bold - Etched - Cool - Stainless Steel bookmarks!

Chelsea Klein has created a stylish range of bookmarks. Etched from thin stainless steel sheets they are manufactured using techniques normally reserved for industrial products.

Chelsea Klein's aesthetic designs are bold and simple. Integrating form and pattern her bookmarks are etched from thin sheets of stainless steel.

The bookmarks are light, slender and slide between the pages of your favourite book.

Choose from the following design - Pears, Chopsticks, Monkeys, Grenade, Flame, Boots and Helicopter.

Flame, Grenade, Monkeys bookmarks

Inspired by a fire on the north coast of Ireland a few summers ago
A subtle reminder for someone with a short fuse to keep it in check
From a childhood fascination and love for all things to do with monkeys

Chopsticks, Pears, Bulldog bookmarks

A reminder of eating tasty Asian cuisine
For someone with a passion for tasty pears
Classic British Bulldog, a favourite spirit symbol
Helicopter bookmark

This image is from the memory of an old helicopter at the point of take off

Tank Boots bookmark

This pair of boots will keep your page in its place

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