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Oojufink Cyber Barbers

Freehand head etching by Jay Bura


Mens barber etchings created by Jay Bura, Oojufink, Cardigan. All hairstyles were created by freehand razor.

Certainly a barber shop with a difference! Freehand head etching skilfully carried out by the team headed by Jay Bura at Oojufink, his cyber barber shop in Cardigan, Wales.

From a wash, cut and finish to traditional open razor shave, colouring and etching Ooojufink is the only barber shop in Cardigan offering the full service.

Hair is always washed first. The best cut and finish is achieved with freshly washed hair. Shampooing hair also gives the customer a chance to relax.

Traditional straight shaves offering men a chance to relax and feel pampered are skilfully given. The straight edge razor is also employed for Oojufink's trademark etching. More precise than clippers allowing for greater artistic expression.

Complimentary beer and wine is on offer to adults and the fridges are stacked with soft drinks, juice and cakes for the kids. The obligatory coffee and tea are also on offer as are chocolate and herbal drinks.

Oojufink offers its visitors much more than just a haircut. XBox 360 consoles are kept up to date with the latest games and the internet facilitates you being able to check your email, surf or shop online. A 6 foot screen is also on hand allowing you to watch music, sports or catch up with the latest news.

Male hairdressing has evolved and is now no longer carried out by the veteran barber who knows only one cut or is scared of clippers. The staff at Oojufink have a wealth of barbering know-how and use advanced cutting techniques, whether to achieve a stylish short back and sides or a newer style. Oojufink combines both old and new for the best male hairdressing experience.

Jay Bura opened Oojufink in 2007 as the way forward to offering a fun and entertaining experience while experiencing the best hairdressing.

Jay began his trade in the early nineties, the name Oojufink comes from his nickname as a DJ. Something he still occasionally does!

Oojufink shop front

37 High Street
SA43 1HE

Telephone 01239 615215

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