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Fragrance Free Bálla Powder for Men

Pronounced as in football but Bálla Powder isn't just for your feet!

Bálla Powder applied to your undercarriage will keep you cool instead of hot, wet and sweaty. Keep your saddlebags dry with Bálla Powder Talc for Men while riding your bike.

Originally formulated for 'down there' Bálla Powder is great for using all over your body.

Use Bálla Powder before exercising to help stop chafing and before bedtime to ensure a cool bedtime.

Now when you get out of the shower or bath there's no reason to pinch the other half's talcum powder. No more will you end up smelling of roses or Lily of the Valley or the children's Johnson's Baby Powder!

Bálla Powder is men's talcum powder so you are guaranteed a masculine aroma.

Sprinkle Bálla Powder in your hand and rub it on. You can sprinkle Bálla Powder in your underwear. If you wear boxer shorts be aware you'll lose some down the legs!

Fragrance Free Bálla Powder Talc for Men

The only talcum powder that is really fragrance-free. If you prefer to allow your cologne fragrance to be your only smell or have sensitive skin then this is the one for you.

Fragrance free to keep you extra dry
Ingredients - Talc, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Stearate, Aloe Extract, Chamomile Extract.

Customer Testimonials

Tingle Bálla Powder really tingles if you are glabrous!

Have a ball with this stuff

By Stanley Runk “Runkdapunk”

I tell ya folks, my scrotum has never smelled so good. I think we can all agree that nothing's worse than a wet, smelly, grimy sack. My wife's always telling me that one whiff of the foul thing could knock the Terminator off of a manure truck. Well, thanks to this Bálla stuff, I've got my act together. I just dump on a nice, heapin' helping and work it into a nice paste, and I'm as clean and soft as a spring breeze. The wife digs it too. Sometimes I plop my ol' fella onto the dining room table just to freshen the room up a bit. A great investment, I highly recommend buying it. You'd have to be NUTS not to.

Original review posted on Amazon

Bálla Powder contains non-Asbestiform Talc. This means Bálla Powder does not contain carcinogenic asbestos fibres and is considered by the FDA to be GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) for use in cosmetic formulations. An important point considering testicular cancer causes so much suffering. Though Bálla Powder is perfectly safe you may want to wash it off before getting up close and personal with a partner. Girls can easily get irritated and in the same way that experimenting with whipped cream may be fun you wouldn't want to run the risk of a yeast infection spoiling things would you?

Sweaty balls contribute to global warming

A research study conducted by Bálla Powder determined that sweaty balls account for 10.5% of the 3.5 degree global temparature increase over the past 50 years. “It is very clear that the heat and sweat being generated downstairs by an increased male population is contributing to the global warming crisis. We feel that the use of Bálla Powder will have a greater impact on the crisis than reduced use of fossil fuels.”

Bálla Powder in the press

The merest hint of ending your evening with a spot of duvet tango can send the sweat-producing apocrine glands in your groin into overdrive, giving you the confidence-sapper of a sweaty sac and a nasty case of ball musk later. Remedy the problem and prevent the batwing effect with Bálla Powder. Men's Health Magazine dust on some Bálla tonight, and step out confident that if you romantic success is sabotaged it won't be due to gamy junk. Thrillist, New York

About Bálla Powder

Bálla Powder was formed in 2005 by Brodie Patten and Stephanie Augustyniak. Brodie says “I was tired of using feminine smelling talc sold in cheap, feminine and sometimes pink bottles. Men were in need of a more masculine product so we launched Bálla Powder.”

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