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Avid Skinglider Shaving Lubricant

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Avid Skinglider shaving lubricant

Avid Skinglider - no greasy residue and no clogged blades!

Avid Skinglider - a shaving liquid formulated to provide lubrication and hydration.

Avid set to match the convenience of the Avid 4 travel razor for performance when asked to develop a shaving lubricant.

One request was for the formulation to be a small bottle that will last a long time but "not an oil".

Dermatological tests showed a 10% increase in skin hydration levels after using Avid Skinglider for two weeks daily.

The leakproof bottle of Avid Skinglider gives 40 shaves without water which is the lifespan of the Avid 4 razor.

The tendency for hairs to be pulled rather than cut is greatly reduced by the formulation of Avid Skinglider.

Headshaver's Avid Skinglider Review

It's tough to say exactly what Avid Skinglider is. It has a lot of similarities to shaving oil, in that it's a concentrated liquid that comes in a small bottle and provides an excellent shave. But it is not oil-based. Skinglider is more like liquid soap in the way it feels.

The directions suggest applying six to eight drops of Skinglider to your palm and then rubbing it into the (wet or dry) shaving surface before shaving. In practice, I ended up using eight drops on my face and 8 drops on my scalp. Though it says it will work on either a wet or dry shaving surface I found I greatly preferred it on a wet surface. If you're stuck without any water, though, Skinglider will still do the job.

It's easy to apply Skinglider - it rubs easily into the surface. It's also easy to tell where it's been applied because of it's slightly soapy texture.

Overall, I found Avid Skinglider to be an excellent product, and I can definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good shaving lubricant.

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