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Gillette's revamped Sensor

Expensive packshot that you are paying for!

It incorporates three independently spring-mounted Sensor blades, protective microfins, an advanced lubricating strip and a uniquely styled ergonomic handle designed for the different ways in which men and women shave. This is the first deployment of Sensor technology in the disposable razor segment, and the first use of the premium Sensor brand name in disposable razors. The refillable Sensor shaving system was launched in 1990.

"Sensor 3 represents a significant breakthrough in disposable razor performance," said Peter K. Hoffman, President, Gillette Grooming Products. "It is one more example of our unwavering commitment to deliver the best shave possible for users of all types of wet shaving products."

Is this yet another way Gillette add to their profits with an overhyped expensive blade system. An advanced lubricating strip containing Aloe and Vitamin E for men and a combination of Aloe, Vitamin E and botanical oils for women. The open architecture in the back of the blade cartridge makes it easier than ever to rinse the blades clean.

The ergonomically styled, non-slip handle was specifically designed for use by both men and women. Non-slip rubber ridges along the side of the handle provide specific benefits for a man's grip; the elastomeric finger rest at the head of the razor and teardrop shape at the tail end were designed for a woman's grip. The male version of Sensor 3 features vibrant metallic blue and silver colors, while Sensor 3 for Women features soft, translucent shades of pink.

Is this yet another opportunity taken to eke out profits by aiming at the specific gender markets.

In the US, Gillette Sensor 3 will be supported by an expensive marketing programme including media support and extensive trial-generating programs.

And now... the Gillette Fusion

Gillette Fusion razor image

... could we end up with this?

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