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Roxanna Bina

Roxanna Bina is a talented fashion designer and stylist based in the Los Angeles area.

She's worked with the renowned Sebastion (Sebastian International introduced the world to hair crimping irons) creative director Robert Lobetta, styling photoshoots for Sebastian Hair for the International British Hair Awards.

Also a model and actress (click on pictures for larger versions) Roxanna's credits include horror film "Scarecrow", an MTV commercial, numerous hairshows in Boston and New York and several magazine feature articles.

Time in the short-lived electronic music duo 2AXIS was followed by a stint in punk band The L.U.V.'S. Hobbies include collecting high-end barbie dolls, searching for vintage couture, travelling abroad, collecting James Bond memorabillia, and Kubrick Bearbrick's.

"I'm married to the French director/producer Emmanuel Itier and we've a wonderful son, Felix. My favourite animals are Persian cats (I have three - Marmar, Darcheen, and Cocoa - pictured is Marmar) and rabbits. I love drinking Earl Grey tea. New York is altogether my favourite city with my hometown of Providence in Rhode Island."

Born in the US but with Persian heritage, Roxanna speaks fluent Farsi, so for the CIA, would be the perfect spy! Especially, as she says "with my three gun vase"

"I am fascinated by all things British, especially James Bond and Vivienne Westwood. My favourite band at the moment is Goldfrapp, and enjoy Mozart and Duran Duran, of course! My dream is to have a brownstone in New York and an English Manor in the English countryside."

Roxanna Bina's fashion shows are available online at Roxanna's own website.

Emmanuel Itier

Emmanuel Itier is a film director and producer as well as a film journalist with more than 1,000 celebrity interviews under his belt. Emmanuel also produces Californian rock bands. You can catch Emmanuel's interviews and Hollywood exclusives on MCM, French TV and at if you understand French!

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