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RazorMate keeps razor blades in shape

John Hastie - Inventor of RazorMate

Invented by John Hastie - an aerospace engineer - the scientifically proven and designed magnetic field within RazorMate keeps your razor blade sharp.

Simply rest your razor blade on RazorMate after each shave to increase the life of the blade.

Without RazorMate the blade loses its shape becoming bent and distorted.

RazorMate keeps the ultra-fine cutting edge as good as new.

RazorMate lasts a lifetime, never needs batteries and works on all single, twin and triple blades.

RazorMate inventor John Hastie says razors don't become dull, but the edge seen under a microscope becomes bent and distorted.

The sharp edge is straightened by the RazorMate's special ceramic magnets.

If a blade is kept on the RazorMate it won't get the nicks and dents that shorten its life.

So here's the drill: You shave, you stick your razor on a magnet, you shave again with a newly sharpened blade.

It may sound weird, but John swears upon its seemingly magical ability to sharpen dull razors in a matter of hours.

Blades do not actually dull after a few shaves, it's an illusion created by the blades bending and distorting as they are used.

RazorMate straightens the blade back to its original position.

RazorMate - Is it worth it?

The RazorMate is an incredibly simple and easy to use device that will prolong the life of your disposable blades.

RazorMate therefore also helps to keep the landfill sites from overspilling.

If you're interested in helping save the planet from an over-abundance of trashed disposable razors this enables you to do your eco-bit for the world.

The shave is a lot smoother which is also something worthwhile. The extended life of the blade will save a bit of money and convenience is a factor - not having to buy blades so often.

What is seen as one of life's annoying time wasters is shaving. It's tiresome because it's usually carried out when you're not fully awake and it's also a task without achievement because you usually have to do it all over again the next day.

Both sexes are affected. Women shave their legs and underarms while men generally shave their faces. Even men with beards shave their cheeks and necks where shaved skin meets beard.

RazorMate won't eliminate the problems of shaving or revolutionise the process but it does make shaving less tiresome.

RazorMate is a nice-looking resting place for a razor. The blade rests on a block which makes the blade smoother in use and extends the blade life at least ten-fold.

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