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The end of bloody shaving?

So far I can only say this product is "GREAT". It's paid for itself many times over.

I put a razor in that I have been using for about a week and a half and the result of 24 hours on the 'Mate' has improved its quality a great deal. I'm suitably impressed. Oh! Me of little faith, eh?! I noticed a difference after only one day!!

At first I was sceptical about your product. Am I glad I gave it a try. It really does extend the life of razor blades (Mach3 especially). You get smoother shaves at once. I now look forward to shaving and for the first time I have been able to shave on a regular basis without the cuts and scrapes I usually get. A purchase that was worth it. It really is amazing! It is simple in design and function and well worth the money it costs.

I delayed sending this until I'd had the chance to test the product. It performs as advertised and I'm extremely satisfied. How nice that in this age of public exploitation "one can fight back with a product like yours". It really works!

Easy to use and it works like a dream. Great invention! Compliments to the chef. A snap to use.

I am very happy with your product. It is performing as promised. After five shaves the blade still shaves like a brand new blade. In the past after four shaves the blade had become very dull and needed to be replaced. It will be very interesting to see how many shaves I can get before the blade actually becomes dull.

This product is great! I shave my head and face everyday with a Mach3 razor. I was using a new blade each day. This product does extend the life of the blade. It is really worth the money spent for it over the period of time. It will really save money. Thanks for the product.

This is a cool product. My razors last longer than before I started using it and produce more comfortable shaves. It REALLY does work!!

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