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RazorMate helps blade preparation

A new razor blade...

image of a new razor blade

This is a new blade. Note the lubrication strip and microfins. These are superfluous and simply no more than a marketing ploy by razor blade manufacturers.

Think about it - can a lubrication strip possibly aid a blade in cutting your beard when it passes over the skin after the hair has already been cut. Do you really think these fins will guide your hair towards the blades?

To achieve the best shave you need a lubricant. Once you have sufficient lubrication the strip makes no difference. For extra information about shaving read our shaving guide for wet shaving tips to achieve a good shave.

… still shaving fine

old razor blade image

The picture here is the same blade. It might not look as nice now the lubrication strip and the microfins have worn away but the blade edges are still sharp.

The lubricating strip was created purely as a marketing tool to push sales giving the illusion of added value. The marketing departments are always trying to think up ways to make their product stand out against their competitors.

It's just a waste of your money and adds to the already overburdened landfill sites.

RazorMate magnetic stropper

Take some time and read these testimonials from satisfied users.

RazorMate helps with blade preparation in dealing with Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB).

Other treatment

First of all let your beard grow for thirty days to stop ingrown hairs. Use a polyester skin cleansing pad twice a day or use a moisturising shaving foam.

When you again start shaving use a single blade razor. Double blade razors cut the hairs too short allowing them to grow in. Or use electric hair clippers or a razor with an attachment that leaves the hairs long when cut. You should have a 5 o clock shadow even after shaving.

Always shave in the direction of the hair follicle - not against it. Do not stretch the skin.

Before bed apply a lotion containing glycolic acid to the affected areas. This exfoliates the surface skin cells and reduces new inflamed spots from beginning.

With severe pseudofolliculitis barbae ask your doctor whether a prolonged course of tetracycline or would be suitable.

You could consider hair removal with laser treatment. In some cases this is more effective than any other measure.

If the above measures fail, accept that you have to grow a beard!

Websites for further information.

American Osteopathic College of Dermatology

The Skin Site

Derm Net


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