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RazorMate - Money Saving Shaving Kit Addition

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magnetic stropping in action

RazorMate keeps your razor blades straight and true for a splendid shave every day. Use the same blade day after day.

Contrary to popular belief a razor blade is not rapidly dulled by shaving, it actually takes a great deal of useage time for a blade to become truly dull.

What most people perceive to be a blunt blade edge is really the micro-thin edge of the blade becoming bent and distorted, resulting in an uneven edge that greatly reduces the effectiveness of the blade. A razor blade with a distorted and out of shape edge causes cuts, razor burn and rashes and therefore costs you money because you throw it away long before it actually becomes blunt.

Award Winning Razor Blade Saver

When people used cut throat razors they would give them a straight edge with a strop. That's not possible with razor blade cartridges today. With RazorMate you can keep and improve the edge of your razor blade. By placing the razor blades' edge on the RazorMate's scientifically positioned force field the edge is straightened by magnetostriction after each shave. The blade is also shielded from pitting and rusting between shaves.

RazorMate money saver

The life of disposable razor blades are infinitely increased by the miracle RazorMate. Improving new blades straight out of the box, straightening and reducing factory irregularities.

Built-in ceramic magnets mean there is no maintenance required, place your razor on the attractively sized RazorMate and leave it there till your next shave. RazorMate improves the quality of your shave whilst guaranteeing your blades last longer. This incredible money saving device is even eco-friendly by cutting down on waste.

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