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Letters of praise from satisfied RazorMate users

Several months ago, I did an experiment, just to try and see how long I could shave with the same blade. After three and a half months, to be exact 106 days, I was still using the same blade before I got tired of looking at it and decided it was time for a change.

The way I accomplished this was to wash it thoroughly after each shave and vigorously shake it several times, then drying it and placing it into my RazorMate.

I know some people will say that this is impossible. Maybe every blade doesn't yield the same amount of shaves, I am trying another now.

It takes quite a long time for a blade to get dull, it is the distorted edge that gives you the problem. The RazorMate corrects this problem every time you place your razor on it.

James S. Akers

I want you to know how delighted I am with your RazorMate. I received it as a gift and it has performed perfectly ever since I started using it. It really does work. I have been shaving with the same Gillette Sensor blade for almost two months. That's almost unbelievable!

Howard Lawrence

I purchased one of your razor blade conditioners and have been extremely pleased with it. I feel that it has paid for itself many times over due to the fact by using it the life of a blade is extended considerably.

Since I have two Schick Injector razors, I felt I should order another conditioner. That way, I can have a razor in the gadget for two days in a row.

Thank you very kindly
Peter Clune

I have sensitive skin and I am cheap! To save a buck, I would use a blade until my neck was so irritated that I would have to skip shaving a day to let my neck heal.

It is truly amazing - RazorMate really works! I like it so much I bought several more for my family and friends.

I was given a Mach3 razor. The blades are very expensive but give a very good shave. I am happy to say that I have experienced the longest life out of the Mach III's blade with the use of the RazorMate. I am going into the fourth month with the same blade and I do not notice any signs of a replacement blade being necessary anytime soon and I have no neck irritation!

Keep up the fine work. Next I would like you to work on a fuel injection system for my car that will get me 300 miles to a gallon.

Daniel Troop

It can be said that in this age of rip-offs and people being sold shoddy products by unscrupulous manufacturers, that your product stands out as a truly reliable and useful product. There must be millions of men in the civilised world who silently endure the daily torture of having to shave with razors which are not as keen as they should and could be.

For most of my adult life I have looked for some kind of shaving equipment which would offer a comfortable shave each day. I recall the days of the Schick Injector blades during my days in the Army, the Autostrop razors and introduction of the electric shaver. The last one has never given me a really clean shave, but I would use one twice a week to spare my face the assaults from a blade. When Gillette came out with their twin blade swivelling arrangement I was really impressed by it. However, I would have to use one for about four shaves before I really got a comfortable one. Then the blade would not last much beyond ten days. It is difficult for me to believe that Gillette or Schick who do much research in blade technology were not aware a long time ago about how blades become less efficient. However, it would be counter-productive to their efforts to sell more and more blades to develop one which would stay sharp for a prolonged period of time. It remained for someone else to discover a method to recondition the blade to keep it sharp and efficient for prolonged periods of time. I congratulate you on your perseverance in finding and developing such a mechanism as the RazorMate.

I now understand why my father and old-fashioned barbers used a leather strop to hone their straight razor blades. It was a crude way of straightening out the bends and distortions in the blade which your mechanism does so elegantly.

There are things which we do everyday which are considered to be onerous chores and shaving has always been one to me. However, I can truly say that since I have been using the RazorMate that I even look forward each morning to getting a really comfortable and clean shave. You have my gratitude for inventing a truly useful and ingenious mechanism.

Sincerely yours
Edward Furukawa, MD

Manufacturers regularly receive letters of complaint from dissatisfied customers, but I have always thought that the makers of a good product should also hear from happy and appreciative users. And so I write to congratulate you on your your RazorMate, an ingenious instrument that does exactly what it is represented to do.

I first tried your RazorMate with a blade that had already been in use for two weeks. It took two days on the RazorMate to get into stride, and since then I have been using the same blade for a month. I have not had so smooth a shave in years.

Women speak of the curse of Eve, but I think that the curse of Adam is something even more onerous, the need for most men to shave every morning. Now I actually look forward to using my razor.

Thank you for making daily life more pleasant.

Yours sincerely
Luis Marden

A years use from one razor blade

I started shaving with a new blade on November 5, 2002. That's right, 2002, after almost eighteen months of shaving with the same blade I finally changed it on 28 April, 2004. There've been times when I've been away and used the Avid4 Shaving System and Avid Skinglider Shaving Liquid instead of my Mach3 razor. I'd say I've had well over 400 shaves with the same blade and that's due to using the RazorMate.

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