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Kirin Corx Grand Master Championships


Kirin, the premium Japanese lager and Corx, the cult game first came to the public's attention on Channel 4's Big Breakfast hosted by Johnny Vaughan. Since then it has become a real cult game with its own slang and followers, calling themselves members of the Cult of Corx.

Corx is a game of skill and hand-eye co-ordination, with characteristics of zen, when you are locked in you just have to aim for a pure six!

Evenings of Blood, Sweat and Beers!

Philip Bond
Kirin Corx

Specially-designed Corx with the Kirin Beast logo have been produced for the competition which are sure to become collector's items very quickly.

The launch was held in London's fashionable Clerkenwell and hosted by Yo! Below where these pictures were taken by Sachiko Burles of Corx Japanese distribution company Itochu.

Early in 2002 Corx, although eastern in its appearance but actually a truly British invention, was launched in Japan where they just love to play Corx.

The original First Edition Corx with their illustrations by Pete Fowler are almost out of stock. Anybody with a set of these, boxed and in good condition, are sitting on what is sure to become a very collectable item.

Kirin Corx on the South Bank

The game of Corx is quirky and original and though designwise it looks like a Japanese product it is actually a British idea with Pete Fowler's Japanese-inspired design.

With fans of the game asking for additional characters the much loved characters Corx Boy and Corx Girl have been produced. These are a limited edition collectable game in a silver case with the characters printed in two colours.

The Secret Society Corx with original artwork created by Pete are available in six differently coloured cases.

True afficionados of Corx insist that playing on the Corx Sushi Table is the ultimate playing surface and that Corx is the perfect after dinner game.

To add an element of risk to the game, players can also utilise the Corx Grandmaster Beam as a joker when playing Classic Corx (to 21). The Grandmaster Beam is the width of the narrow end of Corx. If you land a double black it's an automatic win - if you fail you lose all your points!

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What people say about Corx

I just wanted to let you know that this game is one of the best I've played in ages. It's got me hooked! - Lisa

Corx is one of the most competitive and relaxing games ever. The thrill brought to everyone playing it is amazing, it really clears the mind... - DV

You're not just playing your opponent... you're playing yourself. You can't help but love this game, the simplicity is beauty, the poetry is in the motion, a flick of the wrist, the drop of the cork, the tension builds. A spellbinding classic that will always be magical and fantastic fun! - Mark