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How RazorMate was invented

image of RazorMate with a shaving brush

John Hastie's life changed one morning after he got a clean, close shave.

Might not seem like much but that razor blade had been used many times already.

He was about to throw it away after one more shave but, amazingly, the blade had given as close a shave as if it were brand new.

This seemingly forgettable moment stayed with him and guided him through five years of research, testing, patent application and award.

John, an Associate Professor at DeVry Institute in Atlanta, began to understand the principles involved in his amazingly close shave.

In a process called magnetostriction, pressure is applied to the razor blade by a magnetic field and this pressure straightens the blade edge, removing the bends and distortions that make a used blade seem "dull".

John realised that he could synthesize these fields using permanent ceramic magnets so he quickly built a prototype model designed to use the process of magnetostriction.

John gave away copies of his excellent invention to friends and family then attempted to gain a patent for this powerful shaving kit addition.

After four years John was granted a patent for RazorMate.

RazorMate for superior shaves

With RazorMate, you'll hardly believe that you're saving money, but you'll know for sure that you're saving face!

Aren't you fed up spending your hard earned cash on disposable razors and razor blades? Most people get between two and five shaves from each one then throw it in the bin and another blade takes its place.

There is a way to get a closer shave, save money and increase your disposable razor blade's life all at the same time - RazorMate!

You know that as you use a razor the blade become blunt leading to nicks and cuts. Wrong!

The blade is not becoming blunt!

It takes an enormous amount of shaves to cause a blunt razor blade. It is simply becoming dull. This 'illusion' of bluntness is created by the blade bending and distorting as it is used.

RazorMate uses a magnetic field to straighten the blade back to its original position, seemingly "sharpening" your razor!

This remarkable product is designed to increase the life of any single, double, or triple blade cartridge.

It even improves new razor blades by straightening and reducing the number of factory finish irregularities.

RazorMate allows you to use your blade longer - cutting down the waste in landfills.

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