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How many shaves can you get from one blade?

image of a well used Mach 3 razor blade

This blade has given well over 200 shaves

The only difference is that the "lubricant" strip and the "microfins" have worn away. What a waste of time they are anyway - purely of aesthetic value and more money for the manufacturers as they sell you into the idea with their superficial marketing ploys.

RazorMate is something that lasts a lifetime and needs no maintenance. Whether you use a single, double or triple blade razor there is nothing to do but rest your razor on it and it just works!

RazorMate extends blade life and gives superior shaves

The factory in Germany producing Gillette's Mach3 blades opened with a target of producing one and a half billion blades a year. If you only need one or two blades a year rather than forty eight - assuming a blade change almost every week - you don't have to be a mathematician to work out the profits involved.

With huge advertising budgets and the press reliant on this revenue it is obvious that the RazorMate never gets the press exposure it deserves. Stores will not stock it because the buyers are scared of the big boys.

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