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Regaining your identity

Now here's an idea...

If you've ever lost your wallet, you know what kind of problems it can cause.

Now not only have you got to inform the credit card companies and cancel the cards that were in your wallet, you've got to get replacements ordered for everything, even your driving license.

These days there's now the added possibility of identity theft.

Something you can do before any of this happens is this... use your scanner to make copies of everything you carry in your wallet.

Now scan everything, both front and backs then save the scans. Copy those scans to a CD, USB or Flash drive and then delete the files from your computer.

If you should lose your wallet you'll now have a way to print copies of everything and use it as a reference for getting your cards cancelled and new ones issued.

It might be a good idea for the whole family to do this, just in case. It may even be a good idea for these copies to be left at different family members addresses - just in case!

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