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Getting car insurance quotes

Car insurance is a must-have necessity if you're a car owner. Risking not having it will be more expensive in the long run than the cost of the premiums. Insurance helps to cover the cost of replacement or repair. Medical claims involved with an accident or covering legal costs for any claims against you following an accident.

Remember to get several insurance quotes from a variety of insurance companies. Have everything you need ready to supply them wth your personal information, don't forget that they will require any past claims history. Supply the company with information on any other named drivers that you may wish to place on the insurance. This will have an effect on the cost of the premium. The insurance company will carry out a check with the DVLA.

It's monotonous giving out the same information again and again so make up a list of all the information and have it beside you for reference. Make sure that the rates you collect are cross-comparable.

That is, two different companies may you quotes that are £30 a month different. One's excess is £500 and the others is £1000. The most expensive one is actually offering better value as you have to pay less if you make a claim. It also has better coverage than the lower quote as it offers more medical cover.

Look at the big picture and not just the monthly rate.

There are various sites that offer comparison quotes but do make sure you realise that they may be showing you more expensive quotes and not necessarily the best ones. Insurance companies pay to be listed on a lot of these sites.

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