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Golf Practise Net

In 1978 I designed this practise net, intended for golf practise, in that you can hit a golf ball into the net at speeds up to 300 foot/min and the net will catch and hold the ball in the position that it hits the net.

Makes practice much more fun, you don't have to go looking for the balls and you can see the accuracy of your swing, and from that, which club works the best for you.

This invention went well all those years ago, I took patents in 26 countries, sold around 2,000 units a month for well over a year (priced at £99.95) in those days!

Even though it isn't "new" anymore the net still has an active market and is still made and sold in Canada, the US and a couple of other countries.

Although intended for golf practice it soon became obvious that it served a useful purpose in cricket (Lancashire Cricket Club have used them), tennis (sold them to Arthur Ashe years ago), baseball, soccer, American football, even ice hockey…

It was novel and no-one else in the world then - or since - has ever made a net that was able to catch a golf ball and hold it in position, no matter how hard you strike the ball…

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