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Getting insurance discounts

So car insurance is needed but do you have to pay more than you need? Of course not, you take advantage of the various credit card companies offers so shop around and look at what the insurance companies are offering also.

You may choose to make your insurance by monthly payments as many do. However, insurance premiums are calculated on a six-monthly or annual basis.

Look at your statements and you'll see that you are being charged accordingly for the convenience of making monthly payments. If you pay the premium annually in full or at least half-yearly you will save money long-term over the policies course.

Almost all insurance companies offer insurance for more than just cars. There's discounts available out there for placing your insurance policies with one company.

For instance, home or life insurance can all be looked after by the one company who will be more than happy to incorporate all your policy payments into one payment, or split the total over a period of time, at your cost.

You might not realise but the type of vehicle you drive will have a huge effect on the insurance cost that you pay. Sports cars and coupes attract the highest insurance rates. In order to get discounts consider buying vehicles with added safety features such as passenger airbags, side airbags, parking sensors and four wheel drive.

Establish yourself as a safe driver and you'll be able to take advantage of gret discounts on your insurance. Insurance companies will take a look at how long you've been driving, any claims you've made, accidents and driving offences. Drive whilst under the influence and you'll be hammered in more ways than one, as well as risking a prison sentence.

If you're a young driver then find advanced driving education that will help you lower the cost of your insurance premiums. Some insurance companies even offer discounts for students with good grades.

If you're just starting out on getting insureed then the internet is a great placed to start looking. If you have any driving convictions then you'll be paying higher premiums for insurance.

Work towards establishing a higher credit rating, the same as you would for credit cards, pay your premiums on time and follow the highway code. This will help you to become eligible for lower insurance premiums in the future.

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