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Rock 'n' Roll Heaven's answered!

"The End" is a new beginning for Elvis, The "Hit Team" and John Krondes. Elvis sang John Krondes' late composer father's song "The End" to Priscilla Beaulieu on the piano the first night they met in Germany. Fatefully, John met the Jordanaires in Las Vegas a few years ago and wound up singing a new recording of "The End" with them, the very same song Elvis was supposed to record before his death. The supernatural powers took over and this eerie connection of Krondes to Presley evolved to include literally the entire Elvis "Hit Making Team".

John Krondes with The Jordanaires

A miracle, what's that? It's an event that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a divine or supernatural cause. Well, the events of the last year and this story have experts and fans alike scratching their heads seeking an explanation, but the only one they can find is the will of Rock 'n' Roll heaven. Over the last year and half, singer/songwriter John Krondes has magnetically attracted just about all of Elvis Presley's music entourage to this historical "Hit Making Team" project. For the first time since Elvis' death, the Elvis "Hit Team" is back in the studio recording new music. John Krondes and The Jordanaires have been joined in song with the TCB Band, The Elvis Memphis Studio Band the "Memphis Boys", the Sweet Inspirations, Three of Elvis' original composers, Elvis producer Ray Bardani and Elvis' best friend Joe Esposito as well as other musicians that were lucky enough to have played with the King.

Joe Esposito and John Krondes

The Elvis "Hit Making Team" as it is now called with John Krondes have been busy recording over the last year several songs for a new CD compilation. This bizarre project is at this point well above what is explainable by natural phenomena. Elvis composers Paul Evans, Dennis Linde and Randy Starr are offering songs to the "Hit Team" to record that Elvis himself had heard, liked and considered recording. Paul Evans, who wrote several hits for Presley including "I Gotta Know", "The Next Step Is Love" and "Something Blue", is as well writing new songs for the project with John Krondes. Strangely, Evans wrote songs with John's late Dad Jimmy Krondes that were pitched to Elvis before John Krondes was even born in the 1960s.

Heaven's answered!

Elvis composer Paul Evans with John Krondes

The new Evans/Krondes songwriting team has their first tune on the street climbing the charts entitled "Vegas in the Morning". Written to help commemorate the 100th Birthday of Las Vegas, John Krondes and The Jordanaires along with Elvis' female singers the Sweet Inspirations are making noise with radio. FMQB - Friday Morning Quarterback reported "Vegas in the Morning" as one of the most added songs in the US last week in Adult Contemporary Radio. The "Hit Making Team" hopes to have its first CD on the street by year end. "Vegas in the Morning" and "The End" CD singles by John Krondes and The Jordanaires, are available at and other fine internet music retailers.

Joe Esposito and Bobby Box

Fans have been sending their blessings and cheering the "Hit Making Team" from all over the world for their mission of keeping Elvis' music and spirit alive. Fans and the media have praised John Krondes and the "Hit Team" for their originality. "I'm not an Elvis impersonator, that's not what this is about" Krondes was quoted as saying in a recent newspaper story. Long time Elvis friend Joe Esposito has told the media the "Hit Making Team" project is a great honour to the life and spirit of Elvis.

Elvis Presley's hometown newspaper, the "Daily Journal" of Tupelo, MS recently wrote a front page feature story on John Krondes and The Elvis "Hit Making Team". There are several other newspapers and media outlets across the US and overseas, covering this extraordinary tale as of late.

Derreck Underhill of KDSK Radio

As they say, the soul never dies, and scores of our believers are seeing this "Hit Making Team" project as a rebirth of the soul for Elvis. Recently, a few writers have even termed John Krondes an Elvis Incarnate. As the soul travels, the spirit of Elvis has found a renewed existence in the bodies of John Krondes and the Elvis "Hit Making Team". The Magic of Elvis' Music Is Back and fans that have experienced watching the new recording sessions, have called it a hair raising experience. This is a historic moment for the music world - Elvis Lives!

It's taken been years of prayer, dreaming, hoping, wishing and wondering but music fans have been waiting for the answer. They have all thought what if? That moment is here and many are calling it a miracle.

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