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Corx is a game of skill, concentration and hand-eye co-ordination. The aim of the game is to drop the playing pieces on any flat surface, bouncing the cork onto its end to score points, one point for red up and two points for black, the first player to reach 21 points wins! Or read about the variation game further down the page.

But... it's never as simple as that!

Available from the official Corx website. Join the cult of Corx!

Secret Society
Professor & Madamme X Billie & Bobbie Murg & Executive Voltror & Mangor Psychic & Doctor F Chaarles & Erin

This collection of illustrations appear on The Secret Society edition of Corx and just like the First Edition they were created especially for Corx by Pete Fowler of Super Furry Animals and Monsterism fame.

Special Limited Edition Corx Boy & Girl

Very Limited Edition Corx

Produced in two colour detail and encased in a Special Edition gun metal silver case everybody will want a set. Get your set and prove that you're truly a member of the elite Cult of Corx!

Death Row

A strategic Corx game for three or more players. You'll need a pen and paper.

Each player starts with nine points.

The object of the game is for a player to either be the first player to get 21 points or to eliminate all other players by taking all their points away from them.

Decide who starts by dropping Corx. Highest scorer starts - play then proceeds clockwise.
Each player takes it in turn to drop their Corx to score points.
They then have a choice. Add the points onto their score or subtract points from another player.

Corx Sushi Table

If a double black is scored a player may take another go.
You are not allowed to score more than two double blacks in succession on your turn.
You have to score a double black to win (by getting to 21 points from 17) or to eliminate another player (ie a player has to be on four points - Death Row - to be eliminated).

A player cannot be positioned on points one, two or three or 18, 19 or 20.
If a player is on 17 and tries to score a double black but only scores two they must use the points to deduct from somebody else's score.

The strategy is up to you, but essentially it's not a good idea to leave your score on an even number (ie eight or four, as someone can eliminate you on their turn).

First Edition
Con-Yah & Boo-YahFlix & LixFin & J-GoB-Star & RizPump & ZukiHandai & G-Lai

Corx Facts & Stats!

Corx is a dynamic game of skill, angles and action.

The concept of skillfully dropping and scoring is totally original and derivative of no previous idea in the history of games.

'Simple, complex...Genius' Johnny Vaughan BIG BREAKFAST

'Dreamcast - Pah who needs it? Corx is the hopelessly addictive.. Nu-urban lo-fi game' NME

'This will be the new designer drug of the nation. Beware-you only have to try it once and your addicted. It is going to penetrate every strata of society. Pure simplicity in is most genius form' BIZARRE

'Set to take over the world' TIME OUT

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