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Get on your bike! with the Bike Chain

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The Bike Chain is a network of raised cycle racks for inner city areas. In using wall space as well as being elevated, cycles will be locked into a mechanical hoist and lifted into a space out-of-reach, out-of-mind.

Located in built-up inner city areas - providing a secure, flexible and cheap service for the rapidly growing cycling public, at home, shopping, visiting friends, the gym, railway stations and the office.

Cheap and quick, it'll get you fit!

Revenue Generation

The bike chain is the perfect location for eye-catching sponsorship and advertising - front and side panels counterbalance weight, whilst mechanical hoist and locking systems avoid congestion fees.

Out-of-Sight, Safe and Secure

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A Smart Box to take your pin number and Smart Card - connected to central administration site via the internet. A Smart Lock - with built-in chip - will trigger off a counter weight system only if the cycle is secured properly.

On the owners return they enter their pin number and the cycle will be slowly and gently lowered to the ground. A small alarm beep will sound from the Smart Box.

The bike is vertically hoisted to save minimum pavement space and continuous access for the passing public.

Users will be able to buy the Smart Card from newsagents and general stores, tourist information centres, rail and tube stations and the Post Office.

Bike Chain

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly passes will be available to purchase. Cyclists can leave bikes for as long as they want - even if they have not paid for the full period. The charged card will enable them to retrieve the bike after payment.

Once purchased - a cyclist can become a member of 'Bike-Chain Mail' - an internet club that will provide information and updates of events and news from associated cycling clubs and organisations.

For an additional charge The Bike Chain will offer a service or repair service - on site. The mechanics will also maintain all sites.

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