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neaclear Liquid Oxygen Aloe Vera

In an independent survey of Chicago-area physicians, neaclear liquid oxygen Aloe Vera Gel was selected as the best aloe vera gel. The survey's objective was to find the aloe vera product that doctors felt most comfortable in recommending, noted best patient response and the least sensitivity, and was the most recommended to their patients.

neaclear's Aloe Vera product is starting to create a big buzz in the medical community. Among the biggest advocates are some of the most reknown plastic surgeons, rheumatologists, primary care physicians and dermatologists. The powerful combination of Aloe Vera, liquid oxygen, Vitamins C & E, wheat protein, soy protein, lidocaine, and chlorophyll is what many physicians believe distinguishes this Aloe Vera Gel from its competitors. This formula promotes natural healing while supplying hydration, nutrients and energy. The feedback from patients has been very positive.

"neaclear's Aloe Vera Skin Care is the most effective topical Aloe Vera treatment ever created," says Dr Sam Speron, plastic surgeon and consumer advocate. "neaclear represents the ultimate anti-aging regimen since it is the first to combine stabilized liquid oxygen as well as Vitamins C & E into all of its products. The anti-inflammatory properties are well documented and it's used for many reasons. neaclear's Aloe Vera helps to maintain the skin's natural balance and stimulates blood circulation. This Aloe Vera Gel also prevents and heals skin from sunburn or trauma of laser treatments, microdermabrasion and chemical peels."

neaclear's Aloe Vera Gel key benefits

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