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BioBeam™ 660 Acne Light Therapy

A low level narrow band red light medical device for the treatment of acne is available from Dermalogix.

Dermologix has introduced the BioBeam™ 660 - drug free, pain free, risk free, low level narrow band red light device proven to treat all types of acne. The BioBeam™ 660 is a small handheld device sold as a OTC device for use at home. It emits a low power red light (660nm) which does not emits heat and does not hurt or burn your tissues.

BioBeam™ 660 is not a laser device but emits low level narrow band (LLNB) red light both at continuous wave (CW) and/or pulse wave (PW). The light albeit non-coherent is still effective for the treatment of acne and its related skin problems. BioBeam™ 660 therefore provides the benefits of lasers at a much lower price.

BioBeam™ 660 is a Class 2A phototherapeutic medical device and complies with Annex VI of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and is CE certified (CE 0473). BioBeam™ 660 has been found to be a fast and effective treatment for acne. Recommended illumination is 1-2 times a day, for six minutes on each area. The device is lightweight and portable and can be used anywhere.

A double blind clinical study by Dr Earon Gideon of Earon Clinics and Dr Avikamharel of the Pediatric Dermatology Outpatients Clinic in Dana Medical Center, Ichilov Hospital, Israel clearly demonstrated the efficacy of the BioBeam™ 660. The results were presented by Dr Avikam Harel and Dr Gideon Earon in 1992 at the 6th International Conference of Pediatric Dermatology in Toronto and were received enthusiastically in medical circles. Patients in the study all suffered from acne vulgaries, with comedones and pustules on their face and a feeling of inflammation. After six weeks of treatment the following results were recorded:

20% - complete recovery
50% - almost complete recovery
20% - considerable improvement
Nodules cure was very significant (p=.02) and comedones cure was significant (P=.05).
Just 10% of patients showed no improvement

Phototherapy, the use of light for healing, has been a field of rigorous research for forty years, and light's curative properties are well documented. Accelerated research during recent years performed by NASA has confirmed what many have asserted. For the past twenty years the medical properties of light have been investigated rigorously both in the laboratory and in clinics to delineate its mechanisms and potential clinical applications. This work has proven that LLNB light alters a number of cellular processes including protein synthesis, cell growth and differentiation, cell motility, membrane potential and binding affinities, neurotransmitter release, ATP synthesis and others, similar to photosynthesis in plants. Furthermore, different wavelengths have shown to produce differing healing effects at the biochemical, cellular, histological, and functional levels.

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