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Original Epicare Magic Wand for Safe Easy Unwanted Facial Hair Removal

Epicare™ Magic Wand Facial Hair Remover

Epicare magic wand facial hair removal device

Epicare™ Storage Pouch

Keep your Epicare™ safe and hygienic in this luxurious fabric storage pouch. Slide your Epicare™ inside to carry in your handbag or make-up bag.

Epicare magic wand fabric pouch

Tired of Waxing, Bleaching, Tweezing and painful Plucking?
Epicare™ works like Magic!

Epicare magic wand facial hair removal device
Less painful than waxing
Completely safe
Removes hair from root
Won't remove skin
No electricity or batteries
No skin darkening
Finer facial hair

Slip an Original Epicare™ hair removing magic wand into your handbag ready for snagging stray hairs anytime.

Epicare™ rids you of the embarrassment associated with unwanted facial hair. Professional results and smooth silky skin in minutes easily, quickly and safely using Epicare™

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Customer Testimonials

I received my Epicare wand this morning and am very pleased with it, it's really easy to use and very effective. Thank you for your excellent customer service, I would definitely recommend you to others. Cherelle, Croydon

“If you buy cheap, you buy twice” - this is so true when it comes to buying a threader. I bought an Epicare from Modern Gent a few years ago and thought it was about time I should treat myself to a new one. I went to another supplier. Big mistake. I did not get an actual Epicare, I got a similar model, or so I thought (ok, it was only 1.99) and in comparison to the REAL THING it fell short - very short. The spring is flabby, it's no good and it went in the bin. I went back to Modern Gent to get the original and the best - Epicare. The branded Epicare is the only way to go, the spring works well, it does its job - removes all the fluff that shouldn't be there, quickly and (almost) painlessly. The Modern Gent website is easy to use, informative and the customer service is second to none. I won't go anywhere else from now on! Victoria B, Bristol

I have been using the Epicare for a number of years now to remove fine hair that is growing on my chin and upper lip during menopause. It is fast and easy to use and although it stings a bit at first, you soon get used to the feeling. You can use it anywhere, in the privacy of your own home, on holiday in fact, anywhere, it takes seconds and is quite a soothing thing to sit and do while watching your favourite TV program. No messy creams or smelly chemicals, it is brilliant… Give it a try you won't regret it!! Linda, Bradford

Brilliant gadget… used a friends one… Totally recommend the product :-) Samantha, Leighton Buzzard

Wonderful web site and brilliantly fast and FREE delivery, keep up the good work guys… Lynn, Bradford

Have purchased the Epicare facial hair removal wand both for myself and friends. Found it by chance when doing some research on 'threading'. It's a fab little gadget, does a great job - it really works and will save you a fortune. Customer care is excellent, deliveries are always prompt and speedy, usually next working day. Keep up the good work. Ann, Newcastle upon Tyne

Thanks for the quickest delivery and for the wonderful Epicare. I'm so happy with the results. I was shocked today when I saw the parcel this morning, I wasn't expecting it that quick. I'll definately order more for my sisters. Aamina, Cardiff

Brought an Epicare from your website a few days ago and it is amazing. Thank you. Shahnaz, Luton

Thanks for an excellent customer service experience. I shall recommend the product to my friends. Best Wishes, Birgitt

I've been using your site for a couple of years for Epicare, it's the only site that offers free p&p and is always here the next day. Bernadette, West Midlands

Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for sending my order SO quickly. Very impressed. Great service. Many thanks, Gail

Using the Epicare facial hair removal system

Brilliant! Free delivery over £5! I was going to order direct from Epicare and they were charging £10.95 plus £3 delivery!! Thank you.

Received Epicare this morning - next day delivery very much appreciated! It's a pleasure doing business with such a friendly, efficient customer-focused company. A must have for any woman concerned with facial hair - thanks again!!! Elizabeth, Oswestry

I received my Epicare the day after I ordered and delivery was free. Buy with confidence! I would highly recommend ModernGent.Com as the service is excellent. Michelle K, Stretford, Manchester

Brilliant website! Wish everyone was so quick and easy, thanks. Eileen C, Wales

Great site for technophobes and an extremely helpful and friendly human on the phone (no machines) when you get stuck. Pauline, Warwickshire

Am impressed that you offer free delivery as the branded website for Epicare charges p&p. Thank you. Sue, Reading

Brilliant!!! So easy to use. Jean N, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex

Have ordered the same item again as recommended it to a friend as she was as inpressed with the Epicare Magic Wand as I was. item came within a day with free delivery. Thank you very much, will be using your service in the future. Tanya P, Berkshire

Very quick and easy to use. I'm impressed. IB, Alloa

I'm ordering another Epicare for my mum as she was so impressed with mine. I couldn't go anywhere else after the fantastic service I received from you. I'll be back! Tina, Merseyside

Received my Epicare this morning and mastered the technique within the hour. I am amazed at how well it works. Your free delivery service is second to none! is the best! Barbara T, Chelsea

How to use Epicare™

Bend Epicare™ into an upside down U and then place against the skin. Holding the ends with your thumbs and forefingers roll Epicare™ backwards and forwards in a continuous motion.

You may feel a little tingling as the hair is being pulled out of the roots.

If you're not used to threading you might experience some sensitivity while the Epicare™ is pulling the hair. After using Epicare™ you may want to moisturise your skin.

Your skin will become used to the Epicare™ experience the more you use it. Make sure you follow the direction of hair growth and keep using Epicare™ in the inverted U position for best results.

Epicare magic wand packaging

Useful Epicare™ Tips

When using Epicare™ on the upper lip area stretch the skin by pushing your upper lips out with your tongue for the best results. You can also use your tongue when using Epicare™ on your cheeks or chin area.

Do not use Epicare™ on wet, oily or damp skin.

Epicare™ is designed only for removing facial hair but customers have reported success in using it for removing leg and arm hair (ouch!). Due to the smaller area of eyebrows Epicare™ is not for using to thread eyebrows.

Epicare magic wands head on

Caring for your Epicare™

To remove hair from your Epicare™ bend and blow or shake it out. You can wipe Epicare™ with surgical spirit and a clean dry cloth. Do not stretch or pull your Epicare™.

Use Epicare™ as often as you wish. You don't have to use a mirror with Epicare™ nor do you have to wait for hair to reach a certain length.

The unique spring action of Epicare™ removes hair from the root safely and effectively without damaging the skin.

Epicare™ is easy and simple to use and even a ten year old can master hair removal!

It can be 3 days or 4 weeks before having to use Epicare™ again.

Men!! Use Epicare™ to get rid of your gooseberry nasal hair. Roll Epicare™ across your nose and the hair will be gone.

Tony Curtis would never have allegedly made that remark about Marilyn Monroe if Epicare™ had been around!

If you've a moustache, hairy chin or cheeks, or maybe even Amy Winehouse sideburns then Epicare™ is for you.

Epicare on Auction Sites

We ONLY stock the Original Epicare™ - don't be fooled by the cheap, inferior or rusty imitations that are available elsewhere. Buy an authentic Original Epicare™ and you'll receive the quality product that will remove hair - not just tug or cut it without removing it from the roots.

As a responsible retailer we want you to receive the real Epicare™.

Epicare magic wand facial hair removal device handle

Other than Modern Gent in the UK there are only two other UK stockists of the Original Epicare™. Online auction sites are aware about the trademark and counterfeit infringements they help to promote. They won't take action but you can - DON'T buy your Epicare™ from them!

About Threading

Hair removal by threading is an ancient art the origin of which is not clear. Claims have the origin of threading as India, the Middle East or China.

A cotton thread is twisted back and forth over the skin, snagging the hair and pulling it out from the root.

Threading is one of the most-talked about facial hair removal methods around and growing in popularity. Using a cotton thread, professional therapists expertly remove facial hair from the root. Threading can, however, cut the skin even if carried out by experienced professionals.

Regular trips to a salon are required to maintain a smooth and silky appearance which means spending more time and money on treatments.

Image Credits Matt Timbers Photography

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